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Comfort and style: Decorate your home with a style that expresses your soul

In the beginning, you are looking for a comfortable home with basic and important conditions to find all your needs and very close to the services you need, but what is the use of this house if you are not comfortable inside and outside, what will happen if you do not take care of it and every piece of the furniture inside.

Good furniture is your way to live in comfort, you can not imagine quiet life without the basic elements that first guarantee stability, then the rest benefits that will positively energize the surrounding environment and interfere with your personality that will actually be reflected on your performance in work and public life.

What is the difference between this piece and this?

First, you are looking for a good type which should be very suitable for you. Secondly, the place you choose from is one of your interests at that point, but did you choose the style that suits your taste?

In this article we try to make you a guide to the best furniture suppliers in Dubai, this guide contains everything you need to choose and then you just beginning to make your decision.


(Indian antique furniture)

Indian antique furniture
Indian antique furniture

Art and Craft furniture company in Dubai opened its door in 2012, to provide custom quality exotic Indian antique furniture, Solid wood, Bar furniture, Bedroom sets, Dining sets, Living room sets, Antique doors, Industrial furniture, Handmade gifts, Outdoor furniture, Recycled wooden furniture.

The development of modern and innovative home furnishings with great value, as well as offering a number of exceptional services to meet your customized needs and solutions make it easy to express a unique feeling with a variety of options.

Using 100% solid wood throughout manufacturing all furniture including frames, appearance, drawers inside and down furniture, is 100% safe for woodworms as they lead to primary treatments, such as spices and worm treatments.

They provide you;

“All items you see on our website are available at any time. Apart from them, any ideas you may have can be customized built according to your specific requirements and requirements.”

United Furniture

(Contemporary and classic)

Contemporary and classic
Contemporary and classic

Established in 1975, known for its distinction towards contemporary and classical collections, meeting the styles of the modern day home decor.

United Furniture carries a wide-ranging collection of home and office furniture, With the products being sourced from around the world, aims to offer supreme quality and world-class style to its customers at affordable friendly prices.

You can choose online and ask what you want to make it easy for you to receive your order through home delivery or you may want to visit a branch to go shopping at United Furniture.

They promise you;

“With the aim to create a delightful and wholesome shopping experience with every visit, the brand ensures a personalized service with a team of highly-trained staff that greets every customer with a smile.”

Ambiance Furniture

(Italian furniture)

Italian furniture
Italian furniture

Opened in 1995 in Dubai has been modified and rejuvenated in 2013, it has alliances with Italy, Europe and US suppliers helping to highlight the good quality, stylish and elegant products.

They are passionate about well designed, timeless furniture, dealing with many Italian companies, to bring history, quality and craftsmanship from Italy to homes all over the world.

“100% Made in Italy” certification ensures that furniture is entirely made in Italy, from semi-manufactured Italian products, constructed from top-grade, high-quality materials, using drawings and projects specially developed by the company, constructed using traditional Italian craftsmanship workmanship.

They say to you;

“We, as a team, will focus purely on customer service, design, and quality.
Our main aim is to bring Ambiance to your home with comfort and style, our team will always be there to assist you to have an exceptional shopping experience.”


(Modern and elegant)

Modern and elegant
Modern and elegant

The first THE One store opened in the UAE, in 1996, over this years became the best of interior decoration in nine countries across the region, renowned for guaranteeing affordable Luxury in quality home fashion.

“A Brand for every Budget” this is not just a slogan, it is their vision and concept from the beginning is to be magical and meaningful, but to be prestigious and affordable “

Listen to them when they say;

“Decorate your home with love,  we offer you inspiration on how to change your home to achieve the perfect look and feel you desire.”


(Swedish pattern)



Based in the Dubai since 2009, is the official distributor for world-renowned brands, the main supplier of Scandinavian furniture, lighting, wallpaper and accessories in hospitality, commercial and residential sectors throughout the (GCC).
They believe that furniture should be an example of minimalist and functional design, without compromising on craftsmanship and quality. This is transferred through a wide range of pieces of Scandinavian brands

They tell you;

“We turn spaces into places, houses into homes, offering design with history, and brands with a story. Providing details to your business, and details to your life, adding soul to both, adding character to all.”


(Classical and modern)


Modern Classic Dining Room
Modern Classic Dining Room

With 25+ years of experience, offers a variety of high-end furniture designs and their own manufacturing units. With a wide range of sofa sets, beds, and mattress design, Royal furniture offers a mattress, sofa and bed customize. Clients can work with experts in the Royal Furniture to select the fabrics and sizes required to create a unique piece of furniture. All the products are made of excellent craftsmanship in the UAE with a premium quality guarantee and reasonable prices.

Their vision is;

“Is to ensure quality offerings that are consistently higher than that of its competition, for people who demand high quality, custom-made or branded furniture, the company delivers the best combination of progressive style and affordability.”


Danish Design

Danish Design
Danish Design

The first IDdesign store Dubai in 1995, the brand began its expansion after 26 years outside of Denmark IDdesign furniture stores can be found in 13 countries across the Middle East, the GCC region and Southern and Eastern Europe.
Innovative concept furniture franchises, operated by specialists in some of the finest locations in selected markets around the world.

Their message to you;

Our exclusive selection of classic and timeless handcrafted products brings Scandinavian outdoor into your interior style.”


(Noble materials)

Noble materials
Noble materials

Create world-class designs, new, simple, original sculptures, and objects that are timeless. All details are carefully considered carefully, comprehensive operation, high-end part of the look, each designer’s signature shines through, making these pieces unique after being instantly recognizable.

Their secret to you

These objects have reached iconic status because they are ingeniously designed, beautifully crafted and made of the finest materials. They are for people with a confident taste for elegance and understated luxury; for those who wish to make a statement which is entirely their own.

The Attic

(antique and recycled wooden chic)

antique and recycled wooden chic
antique and recycled wooden chic

Independent furniture boutique specializing in handcrafted, unique and affordable home decor with a mix of retro industrial started by a husband-wife duo, each product is painstakingly hand-picked to meet the discerning tastes of customers and their convictions.

Their conviction;

“We are passionate about the environment, and about supporting Indian artisans and the local community, each of our pieces is carefully handmade by artisans and skilled craftsmen using the sustainably sourced material.”


(Alternate style with a homegrown touch)

Alternate style with a homegrown touch
Alternate style with a homegrown touch

The word Chattels refers to movable articles of personal property, like furniture and accessories, it is a new furniture concept store in Dubai with collections that make it easy to assemble design elements or looks that are unique, stylish and practical,  timeless selection which reflects many artisan designs, just let them know your requirements and their designer will revert to a portfolio of suggestions, their core values “Trust,transparency,honesty, commitment and ethics”

They promise you;
“We not only propose exceptional pieces with a story to tell but also provide a wide range of captivating designs matching your imagination without compromising on quality.”

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