How to sell your house in Dubai in 30 minutes??

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How to sell your house in Dubai

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Ever tried selling a house before? Then you know how long and daunting the process could be. The typical process of selling a house takes weeks and maybe months. Sometimes you spend hours and hours cleaning only to have no one show up for their appointment. Other times, the buyer is just right out your door waiting to see the house with no previous appointment or even a notice. And off course, there is also the people are not interested in buying, yet they show up to ‘take a look’. Situations like this and more happen all the time; There is no way out of it if you need to sell your property, at least that is what we thought. Fast forward to today, a young entrepreneur comes up with this great idea, and revolutionize the way the way people deal in Dubai’s properties market. Now the dream is coming true and you can sell your house in Dubai in 30 minutes.

What is is a Dubai-based startup by the Lebanese-Canadian, Omar Chihane. The concept promises you to sell your house in Dubai in 30 minutes. Is this even possible? Turns out it is. Omar was inspired to start his business after he had a hard time selling his two-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina. So, how did the idea come to life? Simply, Chihane pitched his idea to Saygin Yalcin, the owner of the similar brand startup started operating in August of 2017 and has been growing steadily ever since, under the management of both Chihane and Yalcin.

How can you list a property on

The listing process is really simple.  All you have to do is enter some basic information including your property’s location, size, and the number of rooms. After that, you get an approximate estimation of your property’s current value in the market. The to proceed, you book an appointment with one of the company’s consultants via the website. It is now the consultant’s job to go inspect the property and take pictures to upload to the app. When we say inspect, we mean it; those agents will check every little detail in your home, things that you may have not even noticed yourself before. Off course those consultants are RERA certified agents.

Within a 30-minute time span, buyers start making offers on the property. As a seller, you only get notified of the highest offer. However, you are not in any way obliged to accept it. If it happens that you accept an offer, one of’s professional sales representatives will contact you with more details and will make sure you have a smooth transfer process. Now go, it is time to sell your house in Dubai in 30 minutes

What can you list on

Just like the name of the company suggests, you can sell just about any property; you can sell a villa, an apartment (a studio apartment,1, 2, 3, 4, and above), or any other property. What all of these have in common is that you can sell your house in Dubai in 30 minutes.

What makes a great way to sell a property?

Obviously, simplicity is a major reason; selling your house without having to go through the typical selling process is always a plus. There is also the ease of use; using the app or the website is something that anybody can do. Another major bonus is transparency; the agents take pictures of every corner of the home and outside of it. Those pictures don’t undergo any editing, what you see is what you get. We can never forget that accelerates the transaction and you can actually sell your house in Dubai in 30 minutes. To top it all, it is a free service if you are a seller and nobody will ever step foot in your house except the agent.

How much does the service cost?

‘wow, this is a great service. It must cost a fortune’, you might think to yourself. Believe it or not, if you are a seller, you are a winner; it costs nothing to join the platform. Even the on-site inspection is completely free of charge. only charges the buyer ones the deal is closed. They charge 2% of the total cost of the home and would charge less if it wasn’t for the cost of marketing and advertising. Can you believe that you can sell your house in Dubai in 30 minutes with zero fees?

Finally is one of the easiest ways to sell homes in Dubai these days. What is great about this business idea is that it serves a big niche, fill a big a gap in the market, and off course, helps you sell your house in Dubai in 30 minutes. With everything in our lives getting more complicated, we could use more startups like to simplify our lives.

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