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The city of Dubai keeps on raising the bar. Thanks to it exceptional developers and masterminds, the city has completely transformed into a residential haven, a commercial hub as well as an entertainment destination. People from all over the world visit Dubai to get a taste of true luxury and experience new things that they won’t get to experience anywhere else in the world. Meydan One came to add to Dubai’s wide portfolio. Together, we discover the world-class, state-of-the-art project that is Meydan One.

A brief about the development

Meydan One is one of the many exceptional creations of Meydan City Corporation. It is strategically located within Mohammed Bin Rashid City in the city of Dubai. It covers a total area of 3.67 million sq. ft. Design-wise; the development is set to be an urban, vibrant mixed-use community.  It is expected to host 78,300 residents. Meydan One was approved by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. Meydan One appeared on the scene two years ago. It is not entirely finished, yet has turned heads from day one. Below we discuss the main aspects of Meydan One.

Residential Area

Meydan One has residential areas that encompass studio apartments, one and two bedroom apartments, as well as villas and townhouses. Living in this Meydan One gives you the luxury of a beautiful view. Apartments there overlook the beautiful water canal, Meydan Hotel and Racecourse, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Creek.

Commercial Area

Meydan One is not going to be a purely residential area; it will have commercial spaces as well. This includes office space, showrooms, and more. Thus, you have the chance to work in a walking distance from your home. This is one of the many benefits of living in a mixed-use.


Meydan One is equipped with amenities; you will find designated paths for Jogging and lanes for cycling. This is a great feature if you are an active person or want to adopt a more active lifestyle. A morning stroll in this beautifully landscaped area with a water canal on your side is just everything.

There are also the countless parks where one can have a picnic, enjoy the greenery, and inhale fresh air. The project will encompass other essential amenities like schools, hotels, and medical centers.


Transportation is a major aspect. An area that is not accessible via good transportation is a dead area. Fortunately, Meydan One doesn’t have a transportation problem; the development is accessible via various transportation means. No car, no problem. You can always take public transportation. A more luxurious option is the water taxi, how does that sound? Besides, the area has its own internal transit system.

Entertainment Options

Being the mixed-use project that it is, Meydan One has everything, including entertainment. A major entertainment destination in Meydan One is Meydan One Mall. According to the plan, this mall is going to be a landmark.The outdoor area of it will feature activities like skateboarding and wall rock climbing. As for the indoors, you can find areas for football, basketball, squash, and more. It is set to be 25,000 square meters. You can find a 1.2 Km long ski, the longest indoor ski to ever exist. There is also a water park, just outside the walls of the ski. According to the plan, the mall will have a huge retractable roof with 150 by 80 meters dimension. This roof will have over 300 restaurants and cafes.

Looks like Meydan One developers want the district to have the biggest of everything; in addition to the biggest indoor ski, they plan on creating the biggest dancing fountain in the world. It is going to be 420 meters long. We can’t also forget the 300 meters long beach and the 9 kilo-meters boardwalk. With all these entertainment destinations in place, why go outside Meydan One?


When we hear the word ‘Meydan’ we think ‘quality’. We believe Meydan City Corporation has excelled with Meydan One; they were able to develop a mixed-use masterpiece to cater to workers, residents, and visitors alike. Entertain, dine, shop, work, or live, the project is envisioned to be a ‘place for everyone’. They have truly succeeded at surprising the world with yet another one of their projects. The project was launched back in August of 2015 and the first phase which will have the mall, fountain, and the tower, is expected to be completed before by January of 2020.

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