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Dubai is known for having some of the most expensive and luxurious projects in the world. It is almost as if the developers are in competition with themselves and with each other to create an even better masterpiece every time, sweeping the world off their feet. Millions of tourists visit Dubai every year to enjoy the amazing masterpieces that are being created. With Dubai Expo 2020 coming soon, many great projects are currently in progress.  In this article, we talk about three of the top expensive projects to be launched in Dubai, Namely, Aladdin City, Bluewater Island, and MBR City.

Aladdin City

As the name suggests, Aladdin City is a fairytale-inspired development; it was built to resemble Aladdin’s magical genie lamp from the famous tale of Aladdin and Sindbad. It is even said that this lamp will shimmer in the sunlight. Is this even possible? The construction of the development began in the middle of Dubai Creek, within the traditional commercial vessels port, over a 4,000-acre space.

The project will be made up of three different towers, all in the shape of genie lamps, two commercial buildings and a hotel. The hotel is to have 34 storyes and the commercial buildings will have 26 and 25 storyes.

To convey the fairytale vibe, the three towers are meant to be connected by a pedestrian walkway in the shape of dragons, snakes, and lizards. This walkway will be 450 meters long and is meant to be air-conditioned.

One of the many facilities that Aladdin City will offer is a huge parking space; the dedicated parking space in Aladdin’s City will be built with a capacity of 900 cars. The project was announced on April of 2014 is set to be completed by the year was recently announced that the project will cost AED 1.835 billion, making it one of the expensive projects to be launched in Dubai Judging by everything we read about this project as well as the teasers that are being realized lately, Aladdin City will top the list of ‘must see locations in Dubai’.

Bluewater Island

The Bluewater Island project was completed by Meeras Constructions, a well-known Dubai-based holding company. In fact, it is one of its most expensive projects to be launched in Dubai.

What sets Bluewater Island apart from other project s is the huge wheel that it features. Are you a fan of Ferris Wheels? Bluewater ‘s wheel, or Ain Dubai as it was named, is said to be the largest and tallest observation wheel in the world. How big could that be? It’s a 210-meter-tall and will have a total of 48 big capsules.

Bluewater is said to feature 698 apartments and17 townhouses. In addition to the waterfront apartment buildings and townhouses, Bluewater will also have hotels. Big names in the hotel’s industry have been lining up to secure their spots in this prestigious development. The best part is, in Bluewater Island, there will be 200 different retail and dining options to satisfy your needs and cravings.

In line with making Dubai a happy country as well as the sole purpose of making the United Arab Emirates a hub for both technology and design, the Bluewater project is approved and supported by the government. We believe this gives you enough indication of how amazing this project is going to be.

As announced, this huge project will cost $1.63 Billion, making it another one of the top expensive projects to be launched in Dubai. If all go according to plan, the project is set to be open to the public this year, 2018.

MBR City

Finally, another expensive project to be launched in Dubai is Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR) City – District one. It is a joint venture between two prestigious developments; Meydan Group and Sobha Group.

The highlights of MBR City are a 7km of crystal lagoons, the world’s largest artificial beach, and a 14 km boardwalk. The total cost of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR) City – District one is $10 billion. According to the set schedule, District one is to be entirely completed by2018-2019.


We discussed three different expensive projects to be launched in Dubai soon; Aladdin City, Bluewater Island, and MBR city. Developers create these expensive projects knowing that it will attract lots of luxury lovers from all over the world. Although these projects are extremely costly, they do bring back good return to the country in the form of tourism money. What is next? This is a question that we can’t seem to answer when it comes to Dubai. All you can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy what Dubai has to offer.

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