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If developers were to compete over just one aspect in Dubai, that would be the level of luxury. That is right, Dubai is the city of luxury and sophistication. Although most of the compounds were built with luxury in mind, some are more luxurious than others. Without further ado, let’s discuss with you the top luxurious residential compounds in Dubai. We will discuss Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, The Views, Old Town, and Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

If you think about it, what makes DIFC one of the most luxurious residential compounds in Dubai is its strategic location; the compound lies in between Old Dubai and New Dubai. In proximity to the compound, you can find schools, hospitals, leisure destinations, as well as many more amenities. It also lies very close to Downton Dubai and Business Bay.

From Your window, you will get to enjoy the satisfying view of Dubai’s skyline, including the state of the art Burj Khalifa. You can rarely find a spot that has it all. Adding to the facilities that residents of Dubai International Financial Centre get to enjoy, the compound has a dedicated metro station. Dubai International Financial Centre is home to many senior managers and executives. Keep in mind that it is only a rental area. This spot definitely deserves to go on the top luxurious residential compounds in Dubai list.

Dubai Marina

The waterfront view that Dubai Marina is known for is enough to put it on the top of our list; the compound’s artificial canal view is to-die-for, especially that you get to see beautiful yachts from the comfort of your luxury apartment tower. Dubai Marina is known for its world-class facilities; every facility that you can find outside is there, only better – the restaurants, the entertainment, the sports facilities, and more. This residential community is actually known to be one of the top 5 most expensive communities in Dubai. You know, because luxury always translates to more money.

Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills is one of the most expensive villa communities in Dubai. This Emaar-developed gated community has every bit of a component that makes it a truly luxurious destination; The Villas themselves were designed to resemble mansions. Most of the properties at Emirates Hills enjoy the tasteful view of the 8-hole Championship Golf Course. We can’t forget the beautiful wide lakes that add to the serenity of the scene.

The Views

The views is an iconic apartment-only community. The apartments there overlook sparkling lakes. From your apartment, you can view Emirates Golf Club. Imagine how beautiful the view is. The strategic location of this compound gives you easy access to many hot destinations like Dubai Marina, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Knowledge Village, and more. All of this and more make it worth being one of the top luxurious residential compounds in Dubai. The Views is definitely one of the most expensive compounds in Dubai. Renting is pretty expensive there as well.

Old Town

Old Town is a residential community that is strategically located somewhere in Downtown Dubai. This residential community is known for having both low and mid-rise towers. The location of this community is a major contributor to the high price of the properties and rent rates. Old town was developed by Emaar. This gives you another indication of the level of sophistication and beauty of this development. Old town is very proximate to Dubai International Financial Centre.

Palm Jumeirah

If movie directors want to resemble Dubai, they show scenes in Palm Jumeirah. So what is Palm Jumeirah like? Imagine living in your vacation house every day, that is what living in Palm Jumeirah looks like. How can this location not be one of the top luxurious residential compounds in Dubai? Every facility there is as luxurious as that of a holiday destination, the restaurants, the coffee shops, and everything. Palm Jumeirah has both villas and apartments to suit all preferences. The sea view at Palm Jumeirah adds a special luxury and charm to every property there.


Here you go. This was our list of the top luxurious residential compounds in Dubai. If you are looking to relocate to a more luxurious spot, these residential compounds will truly give you the ‘Dubai Experience’. Off course there are other luxurious spots, but these few compounds top our list.

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