How did Rizwan Sajan build Danube Empire?

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Have you heard the name Rizwan Sajan before? Who is he? What is it that he did for his picture to be on the cover of a prestigious magazine like Forbes Middle East? In this article, we answer all questions about Rizwan Sajan and his empire Danube group.


Rizwan Sajan is an Indian businessman who literally and metaphorically built an empire. Rizwan Sajan is the founder and chairman of Danube Group. Sajan moved from India to Kuwait at the age of 16 to work with his uncle. Due to the 1991 Gulf War, he was forced to return back to his home country. He later moved to Dubai where he began to help his friend in the hardware business. However, he wanted to do something bigger, He believed that he was meant to. Yet, he didn’t have any money. One day, the opportunity came knocking on his door; after the war was over, there was a high demand from Kuwait for some goods like furniture. And because Kuwait’s port was not in operation, importing from Dubai was the only option. With the help of his strong connections, he started receiving orders. But when the port opened, his little business stopped. The good news is, he managed to make Dh 100,000. He then used this money to start his own business Danube Empire.

Rizwan Sajan has been living in Dubai for 25 years with his son and wife. Why Dubai? Sajan believes that Dubai is on top of the investment destinations in the world. Thanks to its political stability, security, and the vision of its government, it became an investment hub for businessmen from all over the world.
Thanks to his Danube Empire, Rizwan Sajan was chosen by Forbes Middle East on their list of the ‘top Indian business leaders in the Arab World’ and he made number 7.

About Danube Group

Danube Group is a series of successful companies, including Danube Properties, Danube Home, Milano,, Cha Cha Chai, Danube systems, Xti, Tudors and Alucopanel Middle East LLC. The company was built back in 1993. Its head office and logistics facilities are at the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), with a total area of 5 million sq. ft. Two of the biggest sectors of his Danube Empire are Danube Home and Danube Properties.

Danube Home (Buildmart)

When Rizwan Sajan realized the high need for retail building materials and studied the market’s capacity, he started Buildmart, or what is now a main sector and a highly profitable division of Danube group. Buildmart is a retail showroom specialized in selling building products like goods are sold in supermarkets. Buildmart was built to cater to people with DIY (do it yourself) mindset. He came up with the idea in 2007 and opened it in 2009. Ever since Danube home opened, almost every development in Dubai has used its materials. The company is now open to all of the seven emirates.

Danube Properties

Rizwan didn’t go after real estate during the 2006 boom like everybody did. He waited until he believed the timing was right. When Rizwan Sajan ventured into real estate, his mission was and still is to provide affordable housing options in the heart of Dubai. If your salary is around $6,800, then you probably can afford one of Danube Properties houses.
Offering prices that are below the markets price and giving high value are two of Rizwan’s secrets when it comes to his property business success. This was very obvious since their first project, the $136m ‘Dreamz’ in Al Furjan Community; its affordable prices, flexible payment plans, and convenience all contributed to it being a big sell-out.
With his property business, Rizwan prefers tackling one project at a time; only when a project sells out he then moves to start a new one.

Projects by Danube Group

Danube Group is involved in some massive projects in the United Arab Emirates like Emirates Hills, Burj Al Arab, Burj Dubai, Motor City, Yas Islan, Terminal 3 of Dubai’s Airport, Saadiyat Island, and Al Raha Beach Hotel

Expansion of Danube Group

With the help of his brother Anis Sajan and his son Adel Sajan, Rizwan Sajan was able to take his company to a whole new place; he successfully transformed hi one-shop with three employees business to a business with over 40 different location in nine countries of the world. These countries include The United Arab Emirates, India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain. He also has procurement offices in both Canada and China.

Finally, As you can tell, this businessman literally helped build Dubai with his Danube Empire; Rizwan Sajan started with supplying building materials and then ended up developing his own properties. With his two secrets to success, hard work and passion, who knows where Rizwan Sajan will go next?

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