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The Market comparison in the last quarter of 2017

Dubai real estate prices fell more than 15% from their peak in 2014 with “overwhelming” sales out of the plan, causing further delays for the wider market in the fourth quarter of 2017. Prices in most locations fell by 4.4% Jumeirah Lake Towers and 2.6% for Arabian Ranches.

Elsewhere, their quarterly decline slowed to less than 0.5%, including Dubai Marina, while major sites such as Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills and Jumeirah Islands proved immune to negative trends, Residential homes by 7.3% per annum and 4.8% with lower prices for villas faster than apartment prices.

The average price of residential property in Dubai has continued to decline as of January 2018, according to a survey conducted by the international rating agency S&P. Property prices and rentals in Dubai will continue to fall due to increased supply and an increase in the VAT 2020 when the city sees more business, as a result, rental rates in some areas have shown reasonably priced minor changes.

The strong demand for some communities allows for fixed costs, while others attract new attention when they become more expensive.

Identifying places, where people look for real estate, can help investors know where hot goods are located and where there may be room for negotiation, to help better understand consumer preferences, here are some areas of interest to property seekers in Dubai, the percentages based on market comparison in the last quarter of 2017 from April to October.

First place

The apartments in Dubai Marina has maintained first place in the best areas in the period in which real estate in Dubai has been affected by demand or valuation of services in the sale or rent apartments.
The apartments sold were 15.4% leads and 11.95% listings, while the leased apartments were 14.62 leads and 16.04% listings.

Villas The Springs, is a well-established community that redefines modern life in Dubai, for rent villas earned the first place after being second in the list, and gained 11.34% leads and 10.12% listings.

Arabian Ranches, offering a variety of freehold villas and independent 2-bedroom and 6-bedroom homes for small and large families, maintains its first ranking as the best place to sell villas with 12.81% leads and 13.92% listings.

Second place

The apartments Jumeirah Lake Towers, it consists of 80 towers built along the edges of three manufacturing lakes, became in second place after it was in the fifth in the rent of apartments by 6.10% leads and 6.81% listings.
Jumeirah Village Circle, offering a healthy lifestyle and all the amenities necessary to live a perfect life, located in one of the most accessible areas of Dubai, with its distinctive architecture and range of facilities, second in the sale of apartments after they were in the fourth place by 9.58% leads and 9.88% listings

Villas Arabian Ranches, The first place in the sale of villas but second in rents by 9.98% leads and 13.64% listings, and the same for The Springs has the second rank is the sale of villas by 8.12% leads and 5.12 listings.

The Third place

The apartments Downtown Dubai, the city’s area is 500 acres and is the city’s vital center as a truly international city, fell from second place to third place by 5.60% leads and 7.88% listings for apartment rentals, but for sale, it has 8.07% leads and 12.39% listings.

Villas for rent, Mirdif become in the third place after the tenth by 9.66% leads and 3.29 listings.

Mirdif is a residential area consisting of elegant and sophisticated communities with European-style portals and villas, consists mainly of villa developments, or individual villas.

Reem, is a modern lifestyle community that focuses on outdoor entertainment for sale villas has the third after the fourth place by 7.34% leads and 4.86% listings.

Fourth place

The apartments Business Bay, the basis of the new economy, which was implemented after extensive studies by some of the best consulting in the world, became the number 4 after the sixth was 5.08% leads and 4.88% listings for rental apartments.
Jumeirah Lake Towers, the second place in the rental of apartments but now in fourth place after the fifth in the sale of apartments.

Villas In a recent community, Al Barsha, still has a small population when compared to other communities in the city, rose from eighth to fourth place in the sale of villas by 6.66% leads and 5.07% listings.
Jumeirah Park, located at the heart of Dubai’s most desirable residential district, in fourth place after the third in the sale of villas by 5.89% leads and 6.22% listings.

Fifth place

The apartments Palm Jumeirah, is an artificial archipelago, in the rent ranked fifth after the third by 4.58% leads and 7.24% listings.
And go up one number in the sale of the apartments Business Bay got 4.66% leads and 5.92% listings.

Villas Jumeirah, is a coastal residential area, mainly comprising low rise private residence, by 5.28% leads and 5.56% listings go down from third to fifth place for rent villas.
palm Jumeirah villas for sale in fifth after the second place by 4.76% leads and 5.97% listings.

Sixth place

The apartments For rent Jumeirah Village Circle has 4.15% leads and 5.05% listings in the sixth after the fourth place.

Dubai Sports City, a wide range of housing allows everyone to find a home that suits them, retail and sporting offerings are everywhere that enable everyone, has 5.67% leads and 3.22% listings for sale apartments.

Villas Jumeirah Park, in the sixth place by 5.04% leads and 6.64% listings for rental apartments.
in the rent ranked sixth after nine The Meadows a fully established residential community, it has been appointed to more than 1,800 villas on 20 different architectural styles has 4.53% leads and 3.71% listings.

Seventh place

The apartments Dubai Silicon Oasis, 100% government-owned free zone established under Law No. 16 of 2005 issued by the Government of Dubai with the mission of “Facilitating and strengthening the industries based on modern technology” and thus supporting the region’s demand for business expansion, from ten to seven in this rank for rent apartments Dubai Silicon Oasis,  jumped to have 4.03% leads and 2.58% listings.
palm jumeirah, for sale apartments it has 5.16% leads and 6.83% listings.

Villas Meadows has 4.13% in both leads and listings in rental villas.
After Al Barsha was out of the rank, it became in seventh place to sell villas, by 2.39% leads and 1.26% listings.

Eighth place

The apartments Dubai Sports City has 3.86% leads and 3.20% listings in rental apartments.
In the sale of apartments, Dubai Silicon Oasis has 3.92% leads and 1.68% listings.

Villas Reem in the eighth after sixth by 3.98% leads and 2.47% listings for rental villas.

From nothing to eighth place Jumeirah has 0.86% leads and 0.28 listings.

Ninth place

The apartments Jumeirah Beach Residence, 1.7 kilometers long and 2 square kilometers of the total area of the waterfront can accommodate about 15,000 people, living in its apartments and hotel rooms has 3.43% leads and 4.98% listings in rental apartments, but in the sale it has 3.33% leads and 3.43 listings in the same place in this rank.

Villas palm Jumeirah, for rental villas, has 2.69% leads and 4.99% listings.

For sale villas, Mirdif has 0.44% leads and 0.13% listings.

10th place

Only apartments in the rank, the residential area of Dubai International City is residential projects spreading over an area of 800 hectares, has 2.85% leads and 1.99% listings in rental apartments.

For sale, Al Furjan, is a vibrant residential development has 1.90% leads and 2.84% listings.


Reference: Property Funder

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