Top Dubai 2018 projects

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Top Dubai 2018 projects

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If you look at the buildings in Dubai, you would notice that they all have one thing in common which is that each of them is its own masterpiece. The year 2018 will be bringing, even more, beauty and charm to this city with the many Dubai 2018 projects that are expected to launch this year. In this article, we discuss the top Dubai 2018 projects that will be coming to reality and adding more to the city.

Gate Avenue:

First, there is Gate Avenue. Gate Avenue is one of the Dubai 2018 projects that are set to open in May. The project is currently under construction, but its progress is noticeable and on schedule. Gate Avenue is built on a 660.000 square feet and 880 meters in total length. This project is meant to link the podium levels of all buildings in the Dubai International Financial Centre, from the Gate building to Central Park Towers. The project is built to have everything one might need for a luxurious modern living from business to residence and entertainment. It was announced that the project will have more than 200 dining areas, boutiques, a mosque and many retail alternatives. The cost of this project will surpass one Billion AED.

Viceroy Dubai Jumeirah village hotel and residences

There is also Viceroy Dubai. Viceroy Dubai is located inside Jumeirah Village. It’s made up of 60 floors, including a total of 247 hotel rooms and suites, 221 one and two bedroom hotel apartments, and 33 four-bedroom hotel apartments. There will be a total of 271 pools. This building will be the tallest in Jumeirah. Despite the unfortunate fire incident that took place in August 2016 causing a big damage, the project is going on track and is set to open in 2018.

Hillside villas

In addition to Gate Avenue and Viceroy Dubai, there is the Hillside villas project. The Hillside villas project is located at Jumeirah. It is the number one option to those who are interested in a luxurious living. Hillside villas project is made up of 20 villas and it’s the only compound that overlooks golf Jumeirah, one of the best golf areas in the world, from every side. Each of the 20 villas is made up of 3 stories, has its own pool and a spacious garden. According to the plan, Hillside villas will be delivered on May of 2018.

Azizi Riviera

Another project worth mentioning is Azizi Riviera. Azizi Riviera is a big residential project that falls on the Dubai Canal, in the city of Mohammed Bin Rashid. This residential project is made up of luxurious apartments, in different sizes, in addition to two luxurious hotels. The apartments in Azizi Riviera are designed with French Mediterranean styles. The budget for this project is 12 billion AED. Azizi Riviera is a partnership between two big developers, Meydan and Azizi development. The project is set to open in 2018.

Eaton place

There is also the Eaton place. Eaton place is located in Jumeirah Village Circle. Its housing units come in different sizes and overlook a big swimming pool. The units are known for their serene interiors and modern colors. Eaton Place is expected to launch in mid-2018.

Azizi Montrell

Finally, the last of these Dubai 2018 projects is the Azizi Montrell. This project is located in Al Furjan, Dubai. One of its many advantages is the location; the project is located close to Dubai Expo 2020. The project is made up of 222 housing unit, ranging from studios to one bedroom apartments. This residential development is very suitable for younger, middle-income people. The project is expected to launch in February of 2018.

With the launch of these Dubai 2018 projects, the real estate life in Dubai is expected to be more prosperous than ever. How could it not be with every building looking like a unique masterpiece? The good news is, the real estate market in Dubai is big enough for even more and more developers to conquer and future projects to open, especially with Dubai being positioned as a touristic city and with Dubai Expo 2020 coming up

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