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It’s the year 2018 and no one invented a time machine yet, how depressing? However, Dubai’s latest masterpiece, the Dubai Frame, is the closest attempt to a man-made time machine. It literally takes you on a city’s journey through time. How is that possible? What is the story of this picture-perfect frame everyone is talking about? In this article, we talk about the Dubai Frame; what is it, its design, awards it won, its visit rules, and more.

What is the Dubai Frame?

Just like Dubai has the world’s tallest building, the world’s biggest mall, it also has the world’s biggest picture frame, the Dubai Frame. It is a new addition to the endless list of skylines that the city is known for. Dubai Frame is an architectural creation that was built to resemble a huge picture frame; It is literally made up of two thin towers connected by a bridge to look like a picture frame. Dubai frame is located in Zabeel Park, Dubai. Why Zabeel Park? I hear you asking. This location was carefully chosen so that visitors would get a good view of both old Dubai and new Dubai. This frame is positioned so that through it, visitors get to see New Dubai landmarks such as Burj Khalifa from one side and Old Dubai landmarks such as Karama and Deira from the other. The project is worth Dhs 160 million.

Design of the Dubai Frame

Dubai frame was designed by the legendary architect Fernando Donis. The dimensions of the Dubai Frame are 150-meter-high and 93-meter-wide. That’s how big it is. As mentioned above, Dubai Frame is made up of two thin towers connected by a bridge. This tower is a 100-square-meter with a 25-square-meter glass panel in the middle, giving visitors one of the best 360-degree views. Stepping onto the crystal-clear bridge gives the feeling of walking out into thin air. But don’t worry, there is nothing to be nervous about; the glass is 100% cracks-proof and is made of some of the highest quality materials.

Dubai Frame is made out of glass, stainless steel gold cladding, Aluminum, and reinforced concrete. Materials were carefully chosen to immune the frame from fire accidents and at the same time give it its glamorous appearance. The exterior of the Dubai Frame was inspired by Dubai Expo 2020’s logo.

Dubai Frame Awards

The design of the Dubai Frame won the ThyssenKrupp Elevator international award back in 2009, selected among 926 other proposals.  It was also given ‘the world’s best new attractions of 2017’ title.

Visiting Dubai Frame

Are you ready to enjoy a one-hour journey at the Dubai Frame? Tickets to this touristic attraction must be pre-booked. Prices are Dh50 for adults and Dh30 for children. However, people over 60 and children under 3 get free tickets. Prices were made affordable so that everyone gets a chance to visit this massive landmark to be. Tickets are available for booking through a dedicated smartphone app; they decided to go paperless for a more environmentally friendly approach. Each tour will take up to 20 people only. Every group is taken on a one-minute elevator ride where they reach the observation deck. On the side of New Dubai, they get to see masterpieces like the skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road, the Burj Khalifa, and the Emirates Towers. On the other side, they get to see landmarks from Old Dubai like Deira, Umm Hurair, Bur Dubai, and Karama.

On the ground floor of the Dubai Frame, you find a museum that showcases the transition that Dubai went through to go from a fishing village to metropolis. For a perfect storytelling experience, projections, audio and visual presentations, and curated scents are incorporated.

Emaar and the Dubai Frame

After their successful experience with Burj Khalifa, The property giant Emaar was elected to manage and promote this huge project. The company will handle both the technical and administrative aspects of the Dubai Frame.

Finally Working on the Dubai Frame started in 2013. It then opened its gates to tourists on the 1st of January of 2018. With the help of Emaar, the project is expected to become a landmark, an icon, and a major touristic attraction. You can simply visit the Dubai Frame and be introduced to all that is old and new in Dubai in one place. Now get ready because it is time to snap a selfie with Dubai’s biggest frame as your background.

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