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In a previous article, we talked about the advantages of renting a property in Dubai. To sum it up, renting is less of a financial burden than buying. It is a good choice if you plan to stay in an area for a short period of time. With renting, you can afford to move around more often and live in your dream locations around Dubai. With the rental laws in Dubai, tenants are protected against rental increases throughout the year and landlords are only allowed to increase rent only by certain percentages every year. Besides, landlords are obliged to hand the property over to the tenants in perfect condition. And if landlords failed to stick to these laws, a tenant can always resort to the real-estate regulatory authority (RERA). These 8 reasons are why renting a property in Dubai is a good idea.

Did you make up your mind? Is renting a property in Dubai going to be your next big move? Let us tell you, it is a big decision that will influence you for at least a 12 month period of time. Don’t worry, we have your back. We decided that today is the day we discuss the actual steps of renting a property in Dubai to make the renting process smoother.

Set your budget

With renting a property in Dubai, tenants are obliged to pay rent with postdated cheques. One advantage to postdated cheques is that you know exactly how much you have to pay for rent for an entire year in advance and account for it. Don’t forget to get a copy of the cheques to protect your rights as a tenant. However, the price for rent is not the only cost that you need to account for. There is also the initial deposit, the moving expenses, and the utility bills.

Decide on what you need

After you have decided on a budget, it is time you start looking for what you need in your property for rent in Dubai.  What type of property are you looking for? What size do you need? Where do you want this property to be in Dubai? What utilities are you looking for? Do you need an area that allows pets? Do you need an area to raise a family?

Find yourself a real estate agent

Now that you answered all these questions, it’s time to find yourself a RERA certified real estate agent. A real estate agent’s job is to make the process of finding a good place to call home easier. To avoid any scams, ask for his business card. You can also ask your family and friends for recommendations or just go to one of the many reputable firms in Dubai. Once you have found yourself a good agent, it is time to communicate your needs with him/her to save your time and their time.

Visit the properties

Make the time to view the properties that the agent picked for you.

Make an offer

Found anything you like? It is time to make an offer. You will need to write a refundable security deposit cheque which is typically 5% of the annual rent.  This cheque is usually kept in the agent’s brokerage’s safe and will be given to the owner once both parties have agreed to all terms and signed the tenancy contract.

Visit the property one last time

We know you are excited to move in as fast as possible, but slow down; before signing the contract, you need to visit the property one last time to inspect it. Try everything from taps, showers, locks, lights, and anything that comes up to your mind. Don’t accept things as they are because you are in a hurry to move in, ask the landlord for repairs. This will protect you from getting blamed for any damages and losing your security deposit.

Read and sign the tenancy contract

It’s now time to sign the tenancy contract. The majority of the contract comes from RERA, which makes it nonnegotiable, but you still have to read it thoroughly and understand it. Who is responsible for the maintenance fees? What changes are you allowed to make to the property? And many other things that you need to understand.

Set up your Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) account

To set your DEWA account you need your tenancy contract, a copy of your Emirates ID or passport, and a visa page. You will also have to pay a refundable deposit of 2,000 Dirham if you are renting an apartment and a 4,000 Dirham if it is a villa. There is also a 100 Dirham for the connection fee and a 10 Dirham admin fee. 

Register with Ejari

Contracts then need to get registered with Ejari. Ejari is an Arabic word for ‘my rent’. But why do you need to sign with Ejari? You register to legalize your contract, regulate your relationship with the landlord and protect your rights in case any disputes arise.

To register it, you will need your tenancy contract, Emirates ID or passport, a copy of your visa, a copy of the landlord’s passport, and a copy of the DEWA receipt.

Apply for a move in permit

To get this document, you will need the Ejari registration document, a copy of your passport, and a copy of the tenancy contract.  Do you have your permit yet? Congratulations! You just rented a property in Dubai. It is time to move in and enjoy your new space.

These were the real steps to renting an apartment in Dubai. When renting a property in Dubai the next time, these 10 steps will make your life easier and the process smoother.

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