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Do you ever dream about starting a new life with a marvelous view of a golf course? Or are you looking for a guaranteed investment? Are you curious to see more wonderful things in life? If you are one of those people, you have to read this article. It is time to move together and visit Dubai hills estate, the joint project of Emaar Properties and Meraas Holding.

Emaar Properties’ chief projects

If you search for the important and wonderful landmarks in Dubai, you will find that most of them are carried out by Emaar Properties. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Ice Rink, Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo are some of these distinguished projects, besides many other unique projects.

Meraas Holding chief projects

Meraas Holding company has a list of one-of-a-kind real estate projects as City Walk, La Mer, Jumeirah Pearl, Jumeirah Pay, Blue Waters, and other internationally known projects.

Dubai Hills Estate: a city within a city

Dubai Hills estate is a part of Mohammed Bin Rashid City. It is estimated to occupy about 27000 acres. It consists of some luxurious districts that are located beside the international golf course. Dubai Hills estate includes several projects, each one has its special taste.

Advantages and services of Dubai Hills Estate

One of the important advantages of Dubai hills estate project is its environmentally friendly buildings with its practical and modern designs. If you are one of the lucky people who have the chance to live in Dubai Hills Estate, you will enjoy the wonderful view of the prominent landmarks of Dubai and the international golf course, or you can spend your spare time in the golf club. Dubai Hills Estate is considered to be the perfect place for families, as it offers a lot of services to all family members such as; international schools, kids playground areas, kids pools, gardens, parks, medical care centers, entertainment areas, elegant restaurants and cafes, and a huge Mall. It will also provide you with gyms, Sauna, steam baths and pools if you are keen on being fit. Another advantage of Dubai Hills Estate is the main roads system that makes your commutes easy and convenient.

Dubai Hills Estate residential complex

Collective, at the heart of Dubai Hills Estate

Collective is located at the heart of Dubai hills, near to Dubai hills mall and Dubai Hills Park. It is believed to be an integrated community as it offers many services. Some of these services are restaurants, private garden, library, entertainment areas, stores, playing area, indoor and outdoor halls. The project includes both one and two bedroom apartments.

Golf Place: the charm of the elegant life

Golf place community consists of a group of luxurious villas that have four, five or six bedrooms. It is located near to an international golf course and golf club. The community also offers its residents amenities like schools, nurseries, and kids playground areas. The Golf place is the suitable community for sports and elegant life enthusiasts.

Club villas: Classy villas and charming nature

Club villas are located in the heart of the charming nature, near the golf course. It includes a group of luxurious villas. The community has commercial units, restaurants, and a swimming pool. Club villas are believed to be one of the most distinguished areas in Dubai Hills Estate.

Park Ridge: a modern life among the beauty of nature

Park Ridge is a company of towers among the green area. The towers include apartments of different sizes, starting with one bedroom and goes up to three bedrooms. Park Ridge has a perfect location near to Dubai hills Mall, pools, gym, walking and running tracks, and entertainment areas.

Park Heights: marvelous view and international facilities

Park Heights is a residential complex connected to a hotel and a business complex. One of the distinguished features of Park heights is the marvelous view of Dual Burj, Dubai center, and the central park. Park Heights is marked by many services. Its amenities include schools, nursery, swimming pool, kids pool, kids’ area, gym, and a commercial area.

Sidra 3: a super modern lifestyle

The community includes 475 elegant villas consisting of three, four or five bedrooms among the wide green areas. Sidra 3 contains playground areas, walking and cycling tracks, and pools.

Maple: the complex of bushes and green corridors

Maple complex is located in the west of Dubai hills estate. It has a unique design of an interrelated network of bushes and green corridors. It has 118 townhouses consisting of three, four or five bedrooms. The project has other services like; pools, kids playgrounds, walking, and cycling tracks.

Park point: a haven for the quiet life

Park point complex includes a group of elegant houses. It is an integrated community and a suitable choice for families. It offers educational and health services, shopping centers, gym, swimming pool, restaurants, cafes, kids areas, cycling tracks, and gardens.

Acacia: a heaven within Dubai

The complex is a haven of quietness and peacefulness. It has medium height towers consisting of 477 apartments; of one, two or three bedrooms. Residents of Acacia enjoy having various distinguished services such as gardens, walking, and cycling tracks, tennis academy, mall, health club, gym, family parks, kids’ pool, and kids playing area.

Mulberry: full-service complex

Mulberry complex consists of a group of medium height towers carrying 664 apartments. The apartments have one, two or three bedrooms. It also has services for sports lovers like walking and cycling tracks and tennis academy. That’s beside the different means of entertainment for all family members.

Dubai Hills: privacy without a limit

Dubai hills complex is located at the heart of Dubai hills estate. It consists of 20 units planned to be luxurious villas. If you dream to design the interiors and exteriors of your own dream house, you are invited to live in Dubai hills. It is one of the most elegant residential complexes in Dubai Hills Estate.

The project is planned in a different way to be a small elegant community. One of the prominent features of Dubai hills community is the wonderful view of the golf course. Even if you do not like golf, you can enjoy watching the beauty around. Dubai hills complex guarantee safety and comfort, because of the 24 hours maintenance and security.

Fairway vistas: the community of big families

Fairway Vistas complex has 65 villa consisting of six or seven bedrooms for big families. Alongside with day to day services such as restaurants, cafes, barbeque areas, swimming pool, kids’ areas, and commercial units.

Dubai hills housing with the taste of luxury and investments without risk

If you are searching for a house, Dubai hills estate is one of your best options. It offers you several aspects and different sizes of properties. If you are interested in a guaranteed investment, Dubai hills will give you this as well. Its advantages and variety of its units make it one of the first choices for investors. Are you ready to have your dream house in Dubai hills now?



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