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La Mer by Meraas is a huge beachfront project located in Jumeirah 1. Even though the project is relatively new and still a work in progress, it is becoming a dream destination for many. This is especially for those looking to unwind, spend quality time with family, or just spend a day to remember. To get you on board and as excited as everyone else, we have a few magic words: Beaches, shops, restaurants, walkways, leisure, and entertainment. Interested? Let’s find out more about everyone’s latest favorite spot, La Mer by Meraas.

About La Mer by Meraas

As we just said, La Mer by Meraas is located in Jumeirah 1, exactly between Pearl Jumeira and Jumeira Bay. La Mer was designed to integrate two big design concepts which are the minimalist and the contemporary.  The total of both the existing and the reclaimed land of this project is around 9.5 million Square Feet. So, what kind of complex is this? In addition to being residential and commercial, La Mer also has the leisure and hospitality elements. However, the core value of La Mer is being a major leisure and entertainment hub. La Mer revolves around four main zones: The beach, the leisure, and entertainment hub, North Island, and South Island. What is truly special about La Mer is that it offers a clear and an uninterrupted look at both the Arabian Gulf and the one of a kind Dubai skyline. They were definitely able to show the world what true ‘beachfront development’ means.  This is enough to set it apart from everything else on the market.

Services and amenities at La Mer by Meraas

La Mer by Meraas is packed with services that make your visit or stay even more easy-going and extra luxurious. For a valet service, you can choose a standard service for AED 50 or a VIP for 100 AED. You will find complimentary shuttle buses throughout the day to help you move around the development easily and reach your destinations more smoothly. To make your stay breezy, you can take a map of the entire development at the information desk, now you are ready to find the shop or the restaurant that you have been looking for. You have 1,100 parking spaces both regular ones and underground one for your car. The baby changing rooms and restrooms are highly equipped. Prayer rooms are spacious, airy, and well-designed. Off course, the mobile charging boxes are all over the place so you basically never run out charge.

As you take a stroll along the waterfront walkway, you get to enjoy the scents of the different cuisines beautifully mixed with fresh air that is directly coming from the sea. Hungry? Choose from one of the best restaurants in the country. You have around 50 different options from around the globe. La Mer by Meraas is basically a foodie heaven.

Shopping is always fun, but at La Mer shopping is a pleasant experience. Whatever you are looking for, you can definitely find in one of the countless shops and boutiques there. You can basically find any brand and every brand in La Mer. The fashion-freak within will be thrilled to visit La Mer.

Since leisure and entertainment are the main offerings of La Mer, every entertainment outlet was carefully chosen and well sought after to cater for everybody’s needs. You would find various beach activities and water play, skateboarding, and outdoor gymnasia. You can find the popular ‘Hawa Hawa’, one of the best trampoline space in the middle-east at La Mer. There are also dedicated cinema spaces. Entertainment at La Mer is basically for every member of the family.


The developer responsible for this huge project, as we already mentioned a few times, is Meraas. Companies like Meraas need no introduction, especially with its huge portfolio of projects. According to their website, Meraas want to improve the quality of life not just in Dubai but the entire country; they want to make of it a great place to ‘live, work, and play’. Some of Meraas’ biggest projects that you may have heard of or visited before are City Walk, Last Exit, Kite Beach, Jumeira Beach, Bluewater, The Outlet Village, and much more. With that said, need we speak more about La Mer by Meraas?


When upscale living with world-class retail and leisure attractions combine in the same place, you know we are talking about a Meraas creation. La Mer is truly a great project and an amazing spot to hang with your family and spend a great time. We assure you, walking with your barefoot across the smooth golden sand of La Mer beaches will keep you coming back. La Mer is still a work in progress, but judging by everything we saw, we can’t help but love the project and get excited about all the milestones to come.

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