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Even heard of Bloom Holding? Chances are you have and you already been in contact with one of their services, especially if you live in Abu Dhabi. In this article, we talk all about Bloom Holding, including Bloom Properties, Bloom Education, Bloom Hospitality, Bloom HealthCare, Bloom Scape, and B.fm.

About Bloom Holding

According to their website, Bloom Holding is ‘a group of companies dedicated to developing sustainable and integrated urban communities that offer enriching lifestyle and quality of life’. Bloom Holding was born back in 2007. Bloom group offer services in different sectors which are Bloom Properties, Bloom Education, Bloom Hospitality, Bloom HealthCare, Bloomscape, and B.fm. So, what it is that they do? How do they work? Let’s dig deeper to find more about Bloom Holding.

Bloom properties

Let’s start by talking about their efforts in the properties and real estate sector. Bloom succeeded to build a strong name in the real-estate field not just in the United Arab Emirates, but also in Europe and the United States. The name of Bloom Properties now resonates with quality and reliability. They have a big portfolio of commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects, all situated in carefully-selected locations. Their motto is ‘We bring you home’; it is not just the modern urban living and the amazing designs they create and bring to life, but also the amenities that come with them like the spas, the pools, the gyms, and more. Some examples of properties by Bloom are Stella Maris, Park View, Soho Square, Bloom Towers, and Bloom Heights. Looking at it, Bloom Properties created some of the biggest projects in the area and is truly a market leader.

Bloom Education

Moving on, the second sector is education. Like with properties, Bloom Education is all about delivering high-quality. Many of the internationally-recognized educational institutes, be it schools or nurseries, are managed by them. They were able to partner with providers like Brighton College, MindChamps, and Dwight Schools to deliver world-class service. Their mission is to give students a different learning experience, allow them to discover themselves, and explore their potential. With their educational contribution, they want to nourish every single student on every level, including intellectually, physically, emotional, and socially. And so far, we see nothing but success.

Bloom Hospitality

Hospitality is another aspect that Bloom Holding has been truly excelling at since 2011. With the 5-star hotels and serviced hotel apartment all over Abu Dhabi, no one could say otherwise. Some of their contributions include The Marriott Hotel and Park View which defiantly speak for themselves.

Bloom Healthcare

Family wellness and rehabilitation centers for the community are two main concerns for Bloom Healthcare. In fact, according to the plan, a HealthPlus Family Health Center will be launching soon in Abu Dhabi. The center will be dedicated to the health of the entire family and would be highly occupied with both the human resources and the latest equipment. It will have all kinds of doctors and specialties to cater to all needs.


Bloomscape has been working with clients both inside Abu Dhabi and internationally.  They handled parks, hotels, palaces, residential compounds, commercial spaces, and more. They offer state of the art designs and a great maintenance.


Bloom Holding also offer facilities management consultancy as well as transition management to operational service delivery. Their goal is to provide world-class quality to each of their clients.


Bloom Holding won several awards over the years like ‘Real Estate Tycoon Awards’, ‘Bloomberg Award for Best Development in Abu Dhabi’, ‘CNBC Arabia Award for Best Residential project in the Arab region’, and a few more awards.

Secret to success

Bloom Holding has been steadily expanding and growing since it started. What’s the secret behind their success? you must be looking for an answer. Believe it or not, it’s not a ‘secret’, they have the answer on their website. The three secrets are strong team spirit, openness, and transparency.  Besides these three pillars that helped Bloom Holding grow and stand in the face of challenges, the company has a set of values that contributed to their success. These values are passion, inspiration, Ambition, integrity, togetherness, and caring.


Although Bloom Holding didn’t’ enter the market when it was in its best shape, the company has been growing steadily since 2007. In fact, they were able to successfully face all challenges that get thrown in their way, including the strong competition.

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